A patio sofa? garden sofa? Or a balcony sofa? We have it all!

The decoration of your terrace, garden or patio is as important as the interior of your house, because you spend a lot of time with your family and friends enjoying the outdoors. The solution: Add a patio sofa or an outdoor sofa to your garden.

When choosing an outdoor sofa, you should take a look at the available space and the design you prefer. At De Tropen® you will find the ideal patio sofa, garden sofa or balcony sofa, whatever the space you have and the design you are looking for.

The result? The exterior of your home will be just as comfortable, welcoming and practical as the interior. That is to say: if you choose the quality products that we offer you at De Tropen®.

For a small terrace, our Lounge Timor sofa with a design that evokes the classic wicker sofa but is made with the latest materials, which provide extra resistance to extend its useful life.
If you have a larger patio, you can try our Metropolitan lounge set which, being modular, can be expanded and adapted to your needs.
If you like to reorganize the space according to the occasion, yours is the Lounge Fabrice sofa.

You can also review all our outdoor tables that fit perfectly with our outdoor sofas.

You can order online or you can visit our huge showroom in Vélez Málaga (Spain). Expert advice and service with a smile included!

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