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A stool is always handy to place near a table or set, for an extra visit or to put something on it. The Apple Bee Chinese Side Stool is not only very functional, but also decorative. Due to his sturdy appearance with the teak that is used, this makes the Apple Bee Chinese Side Stool tough and robust. The Apple Bee Chinese Side Stool is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The Apple Bee Chinese Side Stools are all handmade and therefore all unique. Due to the use of teak, no stool is the same. Use the Chinese Stool as an extra side table or as a stool to place at a table or lounge set.


Teak wood is a natural product and must therefore be maintained. You can use a special teak cleaner or a teak oil to maintain this beautiful product.

Apple Bee® Chinese Side Stool 50x28x50

139,95  119,95 

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